martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Emelie Forsberg


Member of Salomon International team and a devoted lover of the mountains. The best time is the time out in the mountains where the clock and the world outside doesn’t  count. In the summertime I run in them and in winter time I go skiing. When I’m not in out in the mountains I do some studying.
Follow me here with projects, races and my lifestyle on my my way through the mountains!

Results 2012
Winner of the world championship in the skyrace serie.
Winner of Salomon trail tour Sweden.
2nd place at 3 Peaks UK
3rd place at Zegama Marathon Spain
1st place at Kilians Classic, France
1st place and new record at Dolomites Skyrace, Italy
1st place at Pikes Peak Marathon
2nd place at Trofeo KIMA, Italy
3rd place at Cavalls del vent, Spain
1st place at Kinabalu, Malaysia



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