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Ricky Lightfoot


I first began trail running back in school as a way of keeping fit but the first time I got out on the hills in the Lake District I was hooked and have been running ever since.Since beginning my running career in 2001 I have travelled to some of the most amazing places and met some of the most incredible and individual people you could ever expect to meet, one in particular was the Kinabalu Climbathon in Malaysia, one everybody should put on their "to do" list!

Country /city:

Maryport, Cumbria, England

Date of birth:



I Phone 4, Rain, Snow, The Cold, Traveling and Salomon Speed Cross 2.


Traveling, Mc Donalds and waiting about. Hates being injured.

Best results / Records / Adventures:

World Team Champions at the International Orobie Sky Raid 2010,
Italy with the Salomon Trail Team UK
Winner of the Salomon 10k Trail Keswick 2010
Winner of the Half Trail du Ventoux, France, 2010
10th in the International Kinabalu Climbathon 2009, Malaysia
3rd Bronze Medal in the World Sky Runner Series 2009
3rd Bronze Medal in the World Long Distance Mountain Running
Challenge 2009 in the Tour De Tirol Kaiser Marathon and Team Silver Medal
with the English Mountain            Running Team
4th in the Classic Ben Nevis Race 2009, UK
3rd in the Charberton Marathon 2009, France
6th in the European Sky Running Championship 2009 in the Dolomites
Skyrace, Canazei, Italy
Winners of the Salomon Annecy Lake Relay 2009, France with the
Salomon Trail Team UK
Winner of the Azikori-Zegama Alpine Marathon 2009, Spain
2nd in the Yorkshire Three Peaks Race 2009, UK
Trofeo Vanoni, International Relay Race Italy 2008
4th Classic Ben Nevis Race 2008, UK
4th International Snowdon Race 2008, UK
6th in the World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge Yorkshire
Three Peaks Race 2008

Favorite food:


Favourite Thing:


Favourite Band:

Kings of Leon



Sports played:

Cheerleading, Tiddly Winks, Adventure racing,
Mountain Biking, Swimming.


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