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Anna Frost

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Growing up my main sport was field hockey. Then at university I became more involved in triathlon and various running events such as the 3000m steeplechase, half marathons, cross country and off road running.

In 2004 I did my first mountain running championship race and qualified for worlds in Italy. It was there that I fell in love with the sport, the travel, the environment and the people. So in 2005 I set off backpacking around the EU racing in the Grand Prix and World Championship series. I discovered adventure racing in the UK for Team INOV-8 where we raced (and won) some international events such as the SalomonMXR. After 4 years with INOV-8 I joined the Salomon UK family and focused on mountain/trail marathons, one of the first being the Everest marathon.
The Salomon family have been there with me to share the passion and to drive me to challenge myself to new races and places. I could not have done what I have done or been where I have been without their family-like support, enthusiasm and motivation to race. It has been 8 years of consistency, progression, trial and error. Some races have been good, some bad, some types of training have been successful, some haven’t. I have been on a journey to find what suits me and how I can reach my potential. There is always something new to learn and there is occasionally a ‘glitch’ along the way, like an injury, which (in a very annoying way) helps to refocus, change or reassess what I could do better.

Racing around the world is amazing and something I would change for day, however there are sacrifices. I live most of the year jet-setting from one race to another which means a lot of time in airports, no routine breakfast/coffee dates with friends or family and living out of a 100L duffel bag. Fortunately for me Salomon are extremely supportive and having the international team – my meandering family – there with me, allows me to forget these obstacles.
If I could have one thing to take travelling with me, it would be a dog. They are really the best training buddy around…you can laugh at them when they do silly things, they always wait for you and they never complain when the going gets tough!

Rickey Gates – Writing for TrailRunner “Though Frost (“Frosty” as she introduces herself) and I have both run for Team Salomon International for the past three years, it wasn’t until the (multi-day, teams-of-two) Gore-tex Trans Rockies in August of 2011 that I got to witness the fierceness of the New Zealand native. Worried that “fierce” wasn’t the word I was looking for, I looked it up and found “powerful and destructive in extent or intensity.” What I saw in those six days, up close and personal, was a raging bull. By the sixth day, our cumulative lead had increased to an hour over second place. She was breathing laboriously, sweating, red and visibly suffering and I suggested, maybe, you know, taking it easy for a little bit. Addressing the hill or the trail, Frosty swore something awful, bent to it and carried on. A %95 effort does not mean anything to this person. I saw a powerful and destructive force in extent and intensity.”
As an athlete I aspire to be the very best I can.

As a person I aspire to never stop learning, to never forget that we have one life, that nature is our prime source of energy. Here we are always free. The world is our playground, with just one limit – our own.

  • 2nd Sky Running World Series
  • 2nd Ultra Cavalls del Vent – Pyrenees, France
  • 1st Speed Goat 50km – Utah, USA
  • 1st Maxi-Race 88km – Annecy, France
  • 1st TransVulcania Ultra Trail 50mile – La Palma (new record 8.10hrs)
  • 1st Moonlight Marathon – Queenstown, NZ
  • Queenstown to Dunedin Run: 5days, 285km, 40hours
  • Taranaki Speed Records: Ascent/Descent: 2.10hr RTM: 7.41hr
And beyond
  • 1st TNF50mile Championship – San Francisco 2010 and 2011 (new record 6.54hr)
  • 2nd Kinabalu Climbathon – Malaysia 2010 and 2011
  • 1st Table Mountain Challenge - South Africa (new record)
  • 1st TransRockies 6day Mixed Team with Rickey Gates – USA
  • 1st 4Trails Stage race – 4 countries, 4 days
  • 1st Six Foot Track Marathon Blue Mountains – Australia
  • 3rd Hermannslauf Trail – Germany
  • 1st Signes Double Marathon Trail – France
  • 1st Yorkshire Three Peaks - UK
  • 1st TransRockies Run3 – Colorado 2010
  • 1st Commonwealth Uphill Mountain Running Championships Keswick 2009
  • 1st Everest Marathon (new record holder by 27-minutes)
  • Nepal 2009
  • World Sky Running Series – 2nd 2010
  • World Long Course Mountain Running Championships – 3rd 2009 & 2010
  • World Mountain Running Grand Prix Series – 1st 2008, 3rd 2010
  • World Mountain Running Championships - 10th 2009, 18th 2010
Website: Frostys Footsteps


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