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Sebastien Chaigneau. Serie: GetReady.

Datos biográficos: (en ingles)

Sebastien Chaigneau was born and raised in the flatlands of France in La Vienne. From an early age he heard the call of the mountains; it was the wilderness that inspired him. As soon as he could run, Sebastien started training and competing at national level.
His passion for the outdoors and for athletics eventually led Sebastien to the joys of trail running, the sport that was to become his passion. Now living in the Haute-Savoie region of France in Annecy, Sebastien takes complete advantage of the ‘playground’ in which he lives, able to run from his back door onto some of the best and most beautiful mountain trails in the world.
Sebastien found his strength in ultra-races, achieving great success at the Libyan Challenge and the 2009 edition of The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.
A husband and father, and a businessman in the outdoor industry, Sebastien balances his passion for his personal and professional life with his passion for running. His passions are part of his life, and he takes every opportunity to explore them.


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